Water-fed Pole Systems

How it Works!

The system works by passing tap water through pre-filters, reverse osmosis and/ or DI resin removing limestone, heavy metals, nitrates, chlorine etc, all of which are normally in tap water, thus producing pure water.

This pure water wants to return to its impure state, absorbing dirt particles efficiently. When used in cleaning methods the pure water absorbs and removes dirt, without the use of chemicals, and dries leaving a streak-free finish.

Water-Fed Pole Cleaning – Good or Bad?

This is a common question asked, and usually because the person has had a bad experience of a water-fed pole cleaning system or doesn’t understand the process.

When in the right hands it does an excellent job of cleaning windows. It has now become the standard method of cleaning windows commercially on low-rise buildings.

So, how come some people have had bad experiences with window cleaners using one?

Common Issues Found with Water-fed Pole Systems and Why!

  • Spotting on The Windows

Due to a couple of reasons – the water has not been purified properly and some impurities – usually a mineral has been left in the water. Though the water can be pure and still have spotting if the cleaning process isn’t done right.

  • The Wrong Brush

There are different types of brushes for water-fed pole cleaning, and they are not all equal. Firstly a suitable brush should be used that will not damage the glass. Even within the specialist brushes, there are different types of bristle material, bristle weights, brush sizes and configurations. These are made for different jobs, and an understanding of what you are using for which job is needed to give the best clean.

  • Believing That Water-fed Pole Is All That Is Needed

Water-fed poles are excellent at cleaning when in the right hands, but it is not the answer to every window cleaning problem. Though I use water-fed poles myself for the majority of my cleaning, I also carry a large supply of hand tools and other cleaning products. There will often be marks on windows that will not easily be removed with a water-fed pole. Having the right tool for the job, and knowing how to use it is imperative.

  • Soap & Dirt from Window Seals

This can sometimes happen on first or second clean, you can get a run down from the top window seal (dirty brown or white). Purified water is like a magnet to dirt and when it comes in contact with old dirt or old soap under the seal, it attracts to it, then runs down the glass after the window cleaner has gone. Then the water dries and leaves only the impurities it picked up, thus you get a dirty stain or white soap stain on the glass.

  • A Poor Clean

A poor clean in general can happen for numerous reasons. Though the most common being that they simply don’t know what technique gives a good clean, or they are trying to get the job done too quickly. The wrong brush, dirty equipment, poorly maintained equipment, not maintaining/ replacing resin or RO membranes regularly are all other problems that can give a poor clean generally.

  • ‘Cowboy’ Window Cleaners

The other problem is sadly more likely to be the reason for the poor quality clean. And that is people with no experience or understanding of what they are doing

The equipment needed to clean windows with pure water is easy to buy, and it ‘looks’ like pure water cleaning is simply a matter of giving a window a quick brush to get it clean. This is so wrong, it does takes skill, experience and an understanding of what the process is actually doing, to get it right.

Like every tool, it has its place and it cannot replace every other piece of window cleaning equipment. Though a lot of new window cleaners think that it will replace all the other tools and even replace experience. This is the biggest reason these days why some customers have had bad experiences.

So, To Sum Up – Is Waster-Fed Pole Cleaning Any Good

Yes, you can get an excellent result with a water-fed pole / pure water cleaning system, if it is done by a skilled window cleaner.

In my opinion, a water-fed pole window cleaning system, used properly is the best way of cleaning ‘most’ windows. It gives you a better and more thorough clean than traditional window cleaning. It is also a much safer way of cleaning rather than traditional clean up ladders.

No Chemicals, Quicker and more efficient (Specially on regular Cleans), Meaning reduced running costs which can be given back to the customers

benefits of water-fed pole systems can be summed up in three words: safer, faster and higher.