Top 5 Benefits of Having Your Windows Cleaned Regularly

Improve the appearance of your home or business

Due to a build-up of weathering, fingerprints and other grime, the appearance of your home or business can reduce significantly. So, with regular cleans, we can make your home or business look well maintained and allow the sunlight to stream in.

Maintain the quality of your windows

Professional regular window cleaning keeps environmental contaminants such as acid rain, hard water and oxidation off the windows, therefore extended the life span of your windows.

Enhance efficiency and effectiveness

When dirt and grime build up, it can interfere with the sunshine’s natural warming action, especially during the winter months when it is most beneficial to you. Additionally, dirt and bugs can build up in the seals of the windows which prevent proper closing. Finally, oxidation and weathering around the seals can ruin your window frames, which can cause air leaks, fogging, condensation and mould which can have a negative effect on your bills.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Increased comfort level

Clean and shiny windows can contribute to a clean and tidy atmosphere within your home or business and allow the sunlight to come streaming in.


It is safer to get a professional window cleaner in, rather than doing the job yourself. This is due to the fact the professionals maintain all the correct equipment to reach all those awkward places, and it means you don’t have to be climbing ladders which could be slippery and cause you unnecessary injuries.