Roof Cleaning

A clean roof looks better and lasts longer!

Depending on the type off roof, we have 2 options to clean then.

One method is scraping the moss off using a specialized roof cleaning tool with various blades to fit different roof tiles, other option is to use low pressure steam to clean the roof.

The next stage is then to treat the roof with a biocide to kill off any remaining moss, algae, roots/ spores, lichen etc.

After this we then clear the gutters and mess from site and removal off all waste.

Moss growth on roofs has reached unprecedented levels in many parts of the country today. It creates a dull and dirty appearance which can damage roofing materials like tiles, slates, fibre, cement and asbestos, all become dull and weakened by moss growth. Even the thinnest layer of moss is a problem because it acts like a sponge, absorbing water. Frost damage is another problem pushing the tiles up and cracking them.


Biocide Process

The product begins to work immediately, and the initial phase (killing off the biofilm) is substantially completed within 24 hours, natural weather cycles will do the rest.

The speed of cleaning is by and large relation to site exposure and to the types of contaminants, different types of contaminants will shed at different rates. Moss remnants will quickly decay and disperse. White and yellow lichen takes a longer to die off. Lichen needs dry and wet weather cycles to break the bond with the tiles and will gradually fall off over a few months.

Black metabolites, particular on concrete tiles, are water soluble and will begin receding after first rainfall. Dark discoloration can take a few months to fully disappear and reveal the true appearance of the roof.

Overall, this process can take up to 12 months to see the full effects.