What is RO and DI Water Purification Systems?

What is RO?

RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. When it comes to water purification systems, it involves a pre-filtration for tap water that removes large molecules and irons. It does this by-passing water through 3 pre-filters which remove sand, chemicals and odours. It then pressurizes through a membrane removing finer particles and allowing the clean water through discarding the water with all the impurities in it. This process removes on average between 95% – 99% TDS (Total Dissolved Solvent)

What is DI?

DI stands for Di-Ionising. This is the final stage of the process where pre-filtered water passes through polishing vessels of two synthetic di-ionising and demineralising resins. This means that the resin removes any very fine particles and polishes water to ensure its 100% pure. This can be checked with a TDS pen or meter and measured in PPM (Parts per Million)

How does this benefit my windows?

This means that if your window cleaner is using any or all of these types of filtration systems within their vehicle, the water that will be cleaning your windows will be pure. This means:

  1. No need for chemicals – chemicals can attract the dirt and damage seals, so it’s safer for your windows.
  2. Quicker clean for your windows – no need for ladders, and windows/framework can be cleaned and rinsed at the same time, offering a quicker and more efficient job (cost effective)
  3. Due to no minerals in the water, there will be no streaks or water spots left on your windows.
  4. Pure water has no charge so absorbs dirt better – if washed and rinsed correctly it will leave a better clean and help remove built up grime and dirt within seals, leaving a better clean and helping prolong the life of your windows.